My Story

My love affair with Bali started when I was just 18 years old going on my first overseas holiday with two girlfriends.  Who would have thought back then when purchasing jewellery on the beach that some 27 years later I would be importing furniture, homewares and jewellery from Indonesia.
After a family holiday to Bali in 2006, I reconnected with Bali and fell in love with the Balinese people, culture and their talented artisans and craftsmen.  I decided to turn my passion into a business and surround myself with the feel of Bali back home in Australia.
I started small literally from filling a suitcase and working from home.   A short time later I found myself importing 20ft containers and then decided a 40ft container was more cost effective.   I unloading a 40ft container into our family home which took up every spare inch of space, there were paintings up the hall and mirrors on every wall.   My dining room was converted to a packaging room, and another two rooms had become stock rooms.  The carport was converted into a storage shed and another aluminium shed was erected in the backyard to take the extra load.   Every section of grass or concrete had Balinese pots, statues and water features. It was obvious that it was now time to look for a warehouse.
In April 2010 I left my secure job in the city working for a lawyer to focus on Bali Abundance full time.
In February 2011 I leased a 280 square metre warehouse in Tullamarine which seemed huge given I had squeezed all my stock into our home.
I have been fortunate enough to have the support of friends and family who have now become my employees and help manage the business while I take trips to Bali to source new products.   I am very grateful for the people who work in my business and support me as I could not have grown this far without them.    The journey has had it's ups and downs along the way but  with the support of my team we have worked together and continued to grow. 
In August 2012 we expanded again and leased a larger warehouse at 13 Hercules Street, Tullamarine which is our current location.
I absolutely love travelling to Indonesia and going to the smaller villages sourcing items and supporting the local communities.  I specialise in finding unique and antique pieces, mostly 'one offs' made from recycled materials for a sustainable future.  I want you to have a piece of furniture from Indonesia made with love in your own home to feel the connections I feel.
In April 2017 we imported our first container of furniture, doors and panels from Rajasthan India. I just love the mix of Indonesia and India at the warehouse. Our Indian Doors and Furniture are eco friendly, being either vintage pieces or made from reclaimed timbers making most items unique and one of a kind. In 2014 a palm reader in India told me I would return for business, I guess he was right!
I feel very lucky and grateful to have such a fantastic job, an amazing team, loyal customers and the privilege to be able to support people far less fortunate than ourselves by buying their products.
The Balinese people are often doing blessings for my business to do well so I will come back to Bali and buy from them again.  How lucky am I!  On my visits to Bali I always try to give something back by supporting local charity organisations like Surfaid (, Hope Childrens Orphanage (, Bali Dogs ( and will continue to do this in the future as I am so grateful to have been able to create my Bali business.
Suksme (thank you) for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it.