Behind Bali Abundance Episode 1 - Lets Tell Our Story...

Behind Bali Abundance Episode 1 - Lets Tell Our Story...

Behind Bali Abundance Episode 1 - Lets Tell Our Story...

I am Annette Moseley the owner of Bali Abundance.

Recently I have been listening to podcasts and Youtube videos from Kerwin Rae, GaryVee and Dean Graziosi who have all been encouraging business’ to tell their story on social media and to get real and be authentic and tell the behind the scenes stories including the ups and downs of your business journey to connect with customers. 

I have decided to start a blog including some videos of our story.  I am not a public speaker so this will be pretty raw lets hope I get better as I go along. I will try to tell it how it is from my heart. Bali Abundance has been a long  journey hitting lots of obstacles along the way.  With a lot of passion, grit and determination we have pushed through these obstacles to grow Bali Abundance to what it is today.  

I am surrounded by a great team and could not grow without them. I am very grateful the Bali Abundance Team are able to take care of my business while I am sourcing Furniture and Homewares from Indonesia and India. We specialise in Hand Carved Bedroom Furniture and have a great collection of Hand Carved Four Poster Beds, Opium Beds and Panel Beds all made from teak wood. My passion is also to find Vintage Doors and furniture that are one of a kind unique items.  Where possible we source our items from recycled timber. 

In the past few years we have added Indian Furniture to our store calling this the Eco Village Collection. What drives me are my suppliers who are small family run businesses in the villages of Bali, Java. Especially the connections I have made in Bali supporting these talented artisans who are so grateful. I am often given small gifts, lots of hugs, Bali coffee, home made food and invitations to ceremonies at the local temples.

Click the link below to watch our video series Behind Bali Abundance 

I hope you enjoy, 

Annette - Owner of Bali Abundance