Behind Bali Abundance Episode 8 - Passion and Persistence

Behind Bali Abundance Episode 8 - Passion and Persistence

Behind Bali Abundance Episode 8 - Passion and Persistence

It was 2008 and I had sold enough stock to get money to go back to Bali to purchase more stock for my small home based business.   Every cent I made from selling my wares I put in the bank for what I called “Bali Money” never taking any out I was so focused to grow this money and grow my business.   I was still working full time with a lawyer in a small city law firm.    I headed to Bali and this time had about 5 cubic metres shipped by LCL (less than a container load) so they came in wooden crates.   This was now my second shipment. 

My Ebay store was starting to work and my life was getting busier.  I would go into the city to work then come home and do mum duties, sporting drop offs and pick ups, dinner, laundry etc.  At night I would package my Ebay parcels that we had sold so I could drop them at the post office on my way to work the next day.  I was also trying to photograph stock and get it listed whenever I had a chance.  I always had Ebay questions to answer and was struggling to keep up.

Our computer desk was in our bedroom so often I would need to finish up on the computer before going to bed.  Steve would hit the pillow and be snoring and with everyone asleep and the house quiet I often found myself working until 2 or 3am.  I did not intend to work such long hours it was just quiet so it was such a productive time.  In my head I would think I will just finish this and go to bed but then I would start something else and often our customers from America were messaging in the middle of the night.  I would then be tired but drag myself out of bed in the morning  to get kids to school and start another day of work in the city dropping off my Ebay parcels on the way.

My neighbour who had just had a baby was often up doing night feeds noticed the lights on in the middle of the night.  She asked me in front of Steve who is up in your house in the middle of the night.  I had to fess up it was me I had never really told everyone how late I was staying up working.  I just felt so strongly that this is what I wanted to do and it was not like work I enjoyed it.  Although I was getting tired I thought it was hopefully only for short term I would need to do these hours.

Once again I had enough money to do another trip each trip I took a little bit more money than the previous trip.  I headed off to Bali this time thinking that if I had over 13 cubic it would be worth getting a 20ft container.  Just the idea of that seemed so huge!!  I did not know how much my money would get me so just purchased stock until I ran out of money.   This time I also purchased a large set of doors that were rather expensive but I had decided these would be the doors to my Bali Shed where I could store my items.  We had a car port in the back yard that could easily be turned into my stock room.  My brother Russell is a carpenter so I would need his help for this one.  I had over 13 cubic so it was time to send my first 20ft container.  It still had a little space but I had run out of money so was happy to have grown this far.  I remembered at the start thinking a 20ft container was huge and now here it was heading to Melbourne.

I cut my hours back in my city job so I had a day at home so I could photograph stock and get items listed.   I now paid myself 1 day from my business as I still need to contribute to our family expenses.  My goal was to generate enough income so I could eventually leave my city job and work full time in my Bali Abundance Business.

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