Behind Bali Abundance Series Episode 4 - Focus to Attract a New Future

Behind Bali Abundance Series Episode 4 - Focus to Attract a New Future

Behind Bali Abundance Series Episode 4 - Focus to Attract a New Future

I started my business in 2006 with buddha paintings my second batch of paintings was not so successful.  I was trying to wholesale my painting to shops literally going door to door, after a few rejections I lost my motivation to keep going with my dream.  I started to make excuses why I could not succeed like I work full time, I have 3 kids, I do not have time, all reasons for why I could not get to the shops to try to wholesale my paintings ...

My beautiful friend Emi invited me to a 3 Day seminar in 2007 with Christopher Howard called Breakthrough to Success.  I knew nothing about it but decided to go with my business in mind. 

One of the first things Christopher Howard talked about is how often most of our attention is away from what we want maybe 5% towards and 95% against.  This resonated with me as that is exactly what I was doing making excuses for why I could not continue my business!  He had my attention from the very start of the seminar…

Over the course of the three days he transformed my thinking and helped me get back on track.  I started to focus back on my business and realised if I wanted to make this work I had to stay focused.  Over the course of the three days we did strategic visioning processes that involved visualising and also feeling the feelings of what you wanted to attract into your life and also a time line. 

I remember Christopher Howard saying you do not need to know how you will get to your end result if you stay focused things will align to get your end result.   I still found this a bit hard to believe but yep it happened to me.  I set a timeline and wanted to have $5000 to take a trip to Bali to get purchase stock and get serious about growing my Bali Abundance business which was my passion.  

At my full time job the person doing the wages had me on the wrong tax bracket and had been taking out too much tax so I did my tax return and got $3000 back so now I only needed $2000.  The government was giving bonuses to low income families to try to boost the economy and we qualified for this.  Now I had my $5000 I could not believe it, Christopher Howard was correct just stay focused and you do not need to know how you will get what you are focusing my dream could begin.

This was a huge step for me I was a bit nervous to travel on my own so asked my mum to come with me.  I booked my plane ticket on our credit card and mum and I headed off to Bali on my first buying trip with $5,000 and no clue what I would find or how I would get it home. 

This was a huge lesson in focusing on what you want to attract into your life and one I still am constantly working on daily.  I still have not been able to attract the perfect man lol but I am working on it!!  I remind myself daily to always stay focused on my dreams and try to let go of the negative talk that takes you away from your dreams.

My Bali Gurus always says to me “Just stay focused”  let go of all the negative, make your mind empty and focus focus focus.   Smiley's advice is always just be like the river and go with the flow.  This sounds easy but at times it can be challenging and you just need to catch yourself overthinking about your fears and let them go and just stay focused on what you do want to attract and go with the flow....  I have times when I am doing this and it is amazing what you can attract and in such random ways you would never expect.   The challenge is to stay in flow...

A great thing I learnt recently from a Mel Robbins Ted Talk is just whenever you catch yourself being negative just say to yourself 5,4,3,2,1 and then change your thought to positive.  This really does work to get you back on track to stay focus on the positive and follow your dream.  Try it…

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